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MV Steve Irwin, affectionately known as 'The Steve', was the flagship of Sea Shepherd's Fleet -- Neptune's Navy. In late 2018, over 10 years defending, protecting and conserving our oceans and marine life, the ship was retired from direct action.


'Ship4Good', a not-for-profit, has now been set up to navigate the ship's new mission. 

This ship, together with her amazing crew, were instrumental in stopping illegal whaling in Australian protected marine sanctuaries. It was also key to helping stop the drilling in the Australian Bight, awareness of the health and vulnerability of our Great Barrier Reef, marine debris campaign in The Kimberley's, removing tones of discarded fishing nets and freeing illegally trapped tuna to name a few.


'The Steve' is a bit of a movie star too, featuring in Animal Planet's, Whale Wars and several feature films and books. Please join us now to create a new mission for 'The Steve'.

Get involved as a 'Do Crew Member' or a 'Crew In-Kind' click on the get involved button at the top of the page to find out more. Check out the Gig4Good events and hope to see you aboard

A Word from The Captain - founder of Sea Shepherd Paul Watson, MV Steve Irwin's first 'skipper' Alex Cornelissen and Jeff Hanson Australian Shepherds GM