In January 2019 Kerrie Goodall heard about the fate of the MV Steve Irwin being sold for scrap in Hong Kong after the ship had served to protect our oceans for over ten years - the majority of campaigns in Australian marine protected or threatened environment. 



Some sixteen years earlier Kerrie was a volunteer to help establish what is now know as Seaworks in Williamstown, a bayside suburb in Melbourne Australia, the home of Sea Shepherd Australia and for much of MV Steve Irwin. 


Interestingly the motivation to create this maritime precinct in Williamstown was inspired by a confederate raider the CSS Shanandhoa who visited Williamstown. This confederate raider was also a very famous anti-whaling ship (different motivations to Sea Shepherd). To think that the CSS Shenandoah and now some 155 years later the MV Steve Irwin share Williamstown as a place for people to visit and learn about their exploits of anti-whaling is interesting, in fact, Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd has written a book about it 'The War That Saved The Whales'




The CSS Shenandoah as well as the endeavours of MV Steve Irwin and her crew are maritime stories essentially 'at war' for their chosen cause. Sea Shepherds direct action conservation is a war being run against illegal activities on our oceans to save our biodiversity, animals who rely on the ocean and our climate that is affected greatly by the health of our oceans. 


Our oceans are a critical part of our future, 'If the ocean dies we die' Captain Paul Watson - founder of Sea Shepherd who has sailed thousands of miles on MV Steve Irwin.


With the ship now retired ship4good feels it is fit to celebrate the successful campaigns of the ship and her crew as war heroes. All heroes should be honoured with a legacy that is never forgotten and is used to inspire and educate others - this is the new mission of MV Steve Irwin to inspire and educate (while having a bit of fun too) and give hope for our ocean's and our environment.


The ship will be at home, permanently moored at Seaworks in Williamstown as a mixed event space and museum. Check out the calendar of events tab for more info. Early in 2020 the MV Steve Irwin was historic vessel status by the Australian Maritime Museum.  

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