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In January 2019, Kerrie Goodall received news about the MV Steve Irwin, a ship that had dedicated over ten years to protecting our oceans, being sold for scrap in Hong Kong. This ship had been at the forefront of numerous campaigns in Australia's marine protected and threatened environments.

Interestingly, sixteen years prior, Kerrie father Leigh created Seaworks and she, with many others volunteered to help establish Seaworks in Williamstown, a bayside suburb in Melbourne, Australia, which now serves as the home of Sea Shepherd Australia and holds significant connections to the MV Steve Irwin.

The establishment of this maritime precinct in Williamstown was inspired by the CSS Shenandoah, a confederate raider that once visited the area. Coincidentally, the CSS Shenandoah was also a renowned anti-whaling ship, albeit with different motivations from Sea Shepherd. It is intriguing to think that both the CSS Shenandoah and, now, the MV Steve Irwin share Williamstown as a place for people to visit and learn about their respective exploits in anti-whaling. In fact, Captain Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, has written a book titled "The War That Saved The Whales" that delves into this connection.

The CSS Shenandoah and the endeavors of the MV Steve Irwin and her crew are maritime stories engaged in a war for their chosen causes. Sea Shepherd's direct action conservation is a battle fought against illegal activities in our oceans to safeguard biodiversity, the animals dependent on the ocean, and the health of our climate, which is greatly influenced by the well-being of our oceans.

Our oceans are a vital component of our future, as Captain Paul Watson aptly stated, "If the ocean dies, we die." As the founder of Sea Shepherd, Watson has sailed thousands of miles aboard the MV Steve Irwin.

Now retired, ship4good believes it is fitting to celebrate the ship and her crew's successful campaigns as war heroes. All heroes should be honored with a lasting legacy that is never forgotten and serves to inspire and educate others. This is the new mission of the MV Steve Irwin: to inspire and educate, while also bringing some enjoyment, and instill hope for our oceans and environment.

 In early 2020, the MV Steve Irwin received historic vessel status from the Australian Maritime Museum, further recognizing its significance. Now located in Newcastle Australia. 

Both anti whaling ships 150 years apart that visited Williamstown Australia. The War That Saved The Whales reading in the link below. 

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