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It's not possible for most people to head to the high seas to protect to oceans from explotation and pollution but you can still be part of the crew for change with Ship4Good! 

Ship4Good run as a not for profit means when you come aboard to enjoy the ship's events, food, drink, tours etc you know the profits will go towards keeping the ship, ship-shape and improving the ship to champion the 'education and inspiration for ocean conservation'this is Ship4Good Inc constitution. 


If you have the time and some basic skills or want to learn some sign up to become a Do Crew member - this is our volunteer program with rewards! if you know how to paint, push a broom and use powertools etc and you could offer a few hours a month to be part of our Do Crew to look after MV Steve Irwin. There are limited numbers to Do Crew memberships. See the word document link below to apply. 


You can be on the Do Crew even if you are in Melbourne or anywhere in the world! depending on your skills and what you would like to support eg if graphic design or social media etc this can be done anywhere in the world. 


Time-poor but love the idea of being on MV Steve Irwins new crew we have an option for you. MV Steve Irwin will love to be associated with eco products, businesses and organisation, even other not for profit like-minded organisations. use the attached document too and we will contact you to share more ideas.



CLICK ON and fill out the application on this document - save and email. 


with thanks to our 'Crew in Kind' supplier sponsors 
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