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The War That Saved The Whales reading. 

Join in to hear about the fascinating story of a renowned anti whaling ship that visited Williamstown 155 years. The chapter read by the author and founder of Sea Shepherd specifically about the visit, very close to where the MV Steve Irwin is now at Seaworks.


The story of this ship, The CSS Shenandoah a Confederate anti whaling raider shares so many common experiences as The MV Steve Irwin and her crew. Different motivations - same results in saving 1000's of whales, possibly species. 


Read by Captain Watson for Ship4Good Inc. 

Introduced by Leigh Goodall and concluded by myself - Kerrie Goodall. This was recorded also as a Fathers Day dedication to my father, Leigh Goodall who established Seaworks - with the motivation of the story of the CSS Shenandoah. With thanks to Dave Stokes from Author 2Audio who help me with the editing. 

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